Google Knowledge Graph Search API is a great tool which enables us to understand which are the entities which are behind any of the queries we search for on Google. By using the Google Sheet that I have created, you can find very easily the notable entities which match a query.

Do you want to see how it looks like? Let’s run an example for the query “Gasol”:

The query “gasol” is associated mainly to three entities: the fuel, the song “Gasolina” and the Spanish player Pau Gasol. Each of the entities have a Result Score which indicates how strong the relationship between the query and the entity is. The bigger this result score is, the stronger the relationship between the entity and the query is.

It is interesting to know more about the entities which are behind a query as they can give us a clue about what the search intent for that keyword is.

How can you use the Google Sheet?

Using the Google Sheet is quite straightforward, you only need to fill out the cells at the top of the page with:

  • Query: the query from which you would like to retrieve the attached entities.
  • Number of entities: the maximum number of entities that you would like to retrieve if possible.
  • Google Knowledge Graph Search API: you can find more information about how to get this key over here. Basically, you would need to create a project or use an existing one, enable the Google Knowledge Graph Search and create an API key on the credentials section.

How is this Google Sheet built?

This Google Sheet is using this script which creates an IMPORTJSON function, similar to the IMPORTXML or IMPORTHTML functions which are already available by default.

Once this script is attached and ran on the Google Spreadsheet, it is only necessary to create a formula by using transpose, concatenate and selecting the right JSON key, which is in this case is “/itemListElement”.