Page Speed Insights API to Google Spreadsheet

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What does this tool do?

This tool supplies all the data you need from Page Speed Insights to enhance the performance of your website in a form of two Google Spreadsheets, one of them for the mobile version and the other one for the desktop version. Apart from putting down Core Web Vitals metrics and other metrics with their scores and values, it will provide you with information about processes, main tasks and resources which could have room for improvement such as images which could be optimized, Javascript files which are not completely used or could be minified, files which could be stored in the cache memory, etcetera.

If you would like to use Page Speed Insights on your own, you can also check this page where I explain in a very detailed way how you can work with Page Speed Insights API and Python.

How does this tool work?

Making work this tool is very easy, the only thing that you need to do is filling out the contact form which is above with:

  • The page that you would like to evaluate.
  • API Key: you can acquire your API key on this page.
  • Email Address: where the two spreadsheets will be sent.