International Trends Catcher from Twitter and Google Trends

CountryTrendSourceHour (GMT)
CountryTrendSourceHour (GMT)

This page displays the data from GoogleTrends and TwitterTrends for different countries so that you can take advantage of it to write engaging and actual articles to impress your readers. The data is captured by using the Python libraries PyTrends and Tweepy. The table is updated every 4 hours with the new daily ongoing trends and might not display the data properly for 5 minutes at 12:00 and 24:00 because of the new data uploading.

This table only shows the most important trend in a specific country at the moment but in case you would like to find more insights for a country, do click on its specific page and you will be able to access to up to the 20 hottest topics from Google Trends and up to 50 of the hottest topics on Twitter. Keep in mind that GoogleTrends is unfortunately not available for some countries.

Freshness and actual content are very important SEO factors if they are well-used, they could enable you to acquire more traffic leveraging some of the new SEO opportunities such as Google Discover and Google News. In addition, creating up-to-date content gives you a big opportunity to grow on Social Media by reaching bigger audiences, getting more interactions and building a solid brand.

Do more in-depth research in the specific country pages as follows: